John Best

Financial technology service expert John Best crushes the reiterated maxim “thinking outside the box” to tiny particles, leveraging his lofty, yet proven, financial technology “innovativeness” for credit unions nationwide. Recently launching his financial technology firm Best Innovation Group (BIG), Best aims at turning the industry on its ear, again, with such unique services as industry-wide code sharing, API prototype development, a highly interactive financial technology forum, and more mobile and payments evolutionary data you can shake a paperback-sized, Galaxy phablet at.

Most recently John and his team mates at BIG have developed a Amazon ECHO platform and worked with CUNA and MWCUA to create the CULEDGER network.


Prior to launching BIG, Best served as Chief Technology Officer of Wescom Credit Union and Senior Vice President of Wescom Resources Group (WRG), where he assisted or led all product planning and development. Joining the Wescom family in 2004, Best also managed the organization’s technology implementation teams, envisioned and orchestrated the development and rollout of many key enhancements to products, and improved team processes and service levels. He also led the architectural design and enhancement of eBranch and Wescom’s electronic banking platform – not to mention Wescom’s industry-leading, mobile services initiative.


Best graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – sparking his passion for financial technology services that burns ever so brightly today at BIG.